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investment funds

Bloomberg Launches Bloomberg Beta, A $75 Million Early-Stage …
The launch of Bloomberg Beta follows a trend of media and entertainment companies creating venture capital funds for investment in young, innovative companies. There are a number of examples out there already, such as …(more) | German support brings investment fund closer
By Dimitra Manifava. The government appears to be getting very close to the creation of a Hellenic investment fund, now that that it has secured the political and economic support of Germany toward that end. The political …(more)

The 12 Worst Mutual Funds | How To Invest | Minyanville's Wall Street
Investors could calculate the "worst" mutual funds in a variety of ways. This study looks at two of the most important determinants of overall returns.(more)


trust fund

You can be a trust fund baby too – NBC
Trust funds: They're not just for the 1 percent any more. Several companies are now offering trusts that can be created online, can be quite small, and cost little to keep running. The new offerings are aimed at providing better …(more)

Funeral scheduled for Jason Leffler; Trust fund established for son …
The funeral for NASCAR driver Jason Leffler has been set for Wednesday. In addition, a trust fund has been established for his five-year-old son, Charlie Dean.(more)

Spiritually Unequal Marriage: Our Righteous Trust Fund
Yesterday my daughter Leslie and I set out to handle transferring her trust fund into her possession. It's such a small amount. I wish I could say as her parents that we'd managed our financial picture the best we could…(more)

best funds

Best And Less Long-Short Funds, 2013 – Seeking Alpha
What is so special about the recommended funds and why act now? As explained in my previous article, "The Best & Less of Long-Short Investing," relatively few long-short mutual funds live up to their prime directive, which (more)

Equity CEFs: Top Funds By Fund Family (Part II) – Seeking Alpha
In this second of a two part series, I'm going over the vast majority of equity based, high yielding closed-end funds (CEFs), this time sorted by the smaller and often times, lesser known fund families. In part I of this series which …(more)

Best And Worst ETFs, Mutual Funds And Key Holdings: Small-Cap …
To identify the best and avoid the worst ETFs and mutual funds within the Small-cap Blend style, investors need a predictive rating based on (1) stocks ratings of the holdings and (2) the all-in expenses of each ETF and mutual …(more)

scholarships and grants

Scholarships and Grants – How to Find Money for College
How to Find Scholarships and Grants to Pay for College.(more)

How to Find and Apply for College Scholarships and Grants …
Scholarships-and-grants-graphic Written by: Janet Barger of Credit Union Student Choice. This time of year can be exciting for students getting ready to go to college or return for the next year. And as students go to school, …(more)

Marine Biology Scholarships, Grants, Internships, and more.
Here are some Marine Biology Scholarships, Grants, lists of schools, and more. … You can check out the schools on these lists individually and probably find even more Scholarship, Grant, and Internship opportunitie(more)

mutual fund

Mutual Fund Urban Myths – Morningstar
Like all areas of human endeavor, the fund industry is prone to its share of urban myths— stories that.(more)

SEC Proposes Fix For Money Market Mutual Funds |
Reforming money market mutual funds has been a thorny issue for regulators, but the SEC has two proposals to shore up the issues.(more)

New Study: More U.S. Mutual Fund Companies Supporting Climate …
Three large American mutual fund companies – which collectively manage more than $930 billion in assets – last year supported the vast majority of shareholder resolutions filed with companies on climate change business …(more)

small loan business

4 Steps to Take Before Applying for a Small Business Loan – Mint
Applying for a small business loan has always been a hassle, but with the world economy still floundering and credit still tight, the process in recent years has become a full-on nightmare. The good news is that, while lending …(more)

Crowdfunding Brings Affordable Loans to Small Businesses
Alex Binkley, co-founder of, talks about the the crowd-lending model and what sort of companies would find this loan a good fit.(more)

Small Business Loans Increasing – Is Spring Here? – Write A …
The reasonable extension of tighter credit standards is that small business loans are more likely to be approved when the application is comprehensive.(more)