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Best And Less Long-Short Funds, 2013 – Seeking Alpha
What is so special about the recommended funds and why act now? As explained in my previous article, "The Best & Less of Long-Short Investing," relatively few long-short mutual funds live up to their prime directive, which (more)

Equity CEFs: Top Funds By Fund Family (Part II) – Seeking Alpha
In this second of a two part series, I'm going over the vast majority of equity based, high yielding closed-end funds (CEFs), this time sorted by the smaller and often times, lesser known fund families. In part I of this series which …(more)

Best And Worst ETFs, Mutual Funds And Key Holdings: Small-Cap …
To identify the best and avoid the worst ETFs and mutual funds within the Small-cap Blend style, investors need a predictive rating based on (1) stocks ratings of the holdings and (2) the all-in expenses of each ETF and mutual …(more)