Financial wizards get lubricated at pubs for investors – Asahi Weeklyは
Recent fluctuations in the stock market driven by the intoxicating effects of Abenomics have enlivened watering holes across the nation that specialize in pouring drinks for thirsty private investors. At the Grand Investors' Gathering bar in …(more)

It's Not Just Thomson Reuters – Elite Investors Get Tons of Unfair …
From the blog Daily Ticker: Two seconds: that's the lead time a select group of investors had to receive a copy of the University of Michigan consumer confidence report before other institutional investors. While two seconds …(more)

Surveys Highlight Changing Role for Investors in the Housing Market
Single-family home investors, whose mostly cash purchases played a central role in healing the U.S. housing market, have started to slow down their buying, according to several surveys.(more)